using Structural Insulated Panels (“SIPs”)- to build a weekend retreat- or anything else nice.

Another one of my early New Homes Guide Home Designs adapted to today's Structural Insulated Panels which have now come into their own as a very viable way to build an efficient, economical structure. I helped to start this now accepted technology.



At just 520 square feet, this carefree home is laid out on a 4 ft. module based on plywood sheet sizes. It is well-suited to SIPs (Structural Insulated Panel) construction. (Several links to Structural Insulated Panel manufacturers are included below).

The roof is a painted-on hypalon elastomeric coating- done in the shop and then completed when the house kit is assembled.

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Well-insulated by virtue of its foam-filled SIP panels, this small weekend retreat could be used all year around with a heating fireplace installed in the Living Room. The Sleeping Porch would be glassed in.
I envision this small weekend retreat being fabricated at a local SIP manufacturer’s plant, then bundled and shipped to the site where a concrete slab complete with plumbing rough-in awaits. The owners and/or local labor would put this together with a minimum of on-site cutting. All would soon be under a hypalon membrane roof cover, soon after that lockable when the stopped-in glass and (3) the doors are installed. Completion as time allowed (we took 5 years or so to really get our Lopez Isl. home liveable).
Here’s a 4/30/09 NYT Article on 
Snug and tight passive homes-


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Here I am in the mid ’60s helping install some of the first Panelbild SIPS- a concept pioneered by
Peter Bilder and later sold to US Plywood. I’m glad to see this valid technique reaching maturity. 
This had a painted-on hypalon roof as did a similar addition to my Bellevue, WA downtown office. 
The above picture was published in New Homes Guide a magazine as described in this link below. 


 Below- a typical SIP panel (available in most areas).
 These could well be used to build almost any kind of
 structure if the architect designed same with these in
 mind from the beginning. 

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