Unwise Changes needing Undoing-

What was once a warm, sunny, inviting Master Bath had been changed by the previous owners into a sterile, unfriendly "institutional" bath. The new owners intend to restore it with my help (and encouragement).


It would have been really easy to add a sliding tempered glass door below the overhead beam to get an enclosed shower while retaining the warm ambience of this italianate friendly bath with its opening side view window.
Mid-Century Modern homes such as this one are deceptively simple and are often tempting for people to make badly conceived, installer-inspired changes to- often with unfortunate results.
This was one of our own family homes that passed into the hands of a number of various new owners- some with more taste than others. The current owners completely appreciate the original design integrity which they intend to restore with my help (We live only a few blocks away).

Sadly, what’s there now- is so sterile, totally lacking
in charm & livability with little counter space, the
original nice outside window is covered over.
Nothing really works- especially the mid-wall
sagging glass shelf.
The rest of the MI home’s story:

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