Scale Models of my Home Designs-

These Models are a great way to present design concepts.

Here’s a Scale Model of a family home I did a long while ago
in Woodinville, WA- a really nice place to live, raise your family.                                                     

I used to make these for all of my custom design clients. As you
can see, these were very helpful- and very much appreciated. J-

I’m an long-time member of the AIA American Institute of Architects practicing—

what’s come to be known as “*Pacific NorthWest Contemporary” residential architecture in the NorthWest including all the San Juan Islands as well as Vashon Island, Mercer Island. I also did one on the “Big Island” of Hawaii as well as on an Estancia in Argentina. The updating of my designs and other architect or contractor’s homes to today’s more advanced living and/or efficiency standards has become an ever-increasing practice focus.

As a native- born and raised in Seattle and a graduate of the University of Washington’s highly-regarded School of Architecture, I thoroughly understand the climate and other localized considerations we home designers must take into account. The advertised/vaunted “Green Building” techniques are simply common sense, have long been an important integral part of my practice. 

I’ve done a lot of low cost informal home surveys in my time. With my many years of experience as a “hands-on*” residential architect, it usually doesn’t take me long to evaluate a structure and to advise go- or no-go on a Real Estate deal. *By “hands-on”, I mean being out in the field overseeing my projects- or in some cases building them. When I do said informal survey, I take the prospective buyer all over the house- including the roof, comment on conditions encountered (no written report- no guarantee that we’ve seen any/all troublesome bad things). As we go, I explain the various updating, alteration/ addition possibilities/ideas as they become apparent. 
Another model with the framed-up house on Puget Sound-


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