New Homes Guide a Mid-Century Modern Publication

a large circulation twice-yearly "shelter" magazine in the mid '50s.



a very popular ’50s MCM shelter magazine to which I was a major contributor.
There’s really no publication like it today which is unfortunate inasmuch as it
served a real purpose- “guiding” people working with their architect to create
a well-designed home for themselves.


 A large circulation twice-yearly mid’50s MCM shelter magazine-


   New Homes Guide- a ’50s MCM shelter magazine to which I was a major
   contributor. (At its peak it had a twice-yearly paid circulation of 600,000).
   Here my then young family and I are are on the cover living in our North
   of Seattle Innis Arden home. (Do note the really reasonable cover price
   of this fast-selling magazine).
   I often get letters from long-ago plan purchasers telling me how they’ve
   enjoyed living there in a “JG home” all these yrs.- or from their children
   who grew up there. Requested too are are alterations and/or additions.
   Here’s one from the MidWest- after many happy years of living here, the
   plan purchaser owners passed it on to their children who sent this to me.

       Here’s another- my Plan NHG 2450- very popular, built all over the world. (Link below)-
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