An Artist’s Home in Issaquah, Washington-

another of the highly-crafted homes Ray Brandes built for my clients.



Here’s another of the many custom homes I’ve done for artists and other occupational communities such as airline pilots, Boeing- engineers and management. It was a Seattle Times /AIA “Home of the Month” with these beautiful photos by Vern Greene and accompanying description by Margery Phillips. (Click on any of these photographs to enlarge same.)

Another of the custom homes I’ve done. It was a Seattle Times/AIA “Home of the Month” out in Issaquah.
(more Vern Green photos below)- 

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Outside Issaquah, WA, a rustic setting in a valley with a river running between Cougar Mountain and— 
Squak Mountain seen from open double doors looking over the Entry bridge. *Note the post lantern.
The Living Room with Balcony over.
The Balcony over the Living Room- a well-used TV and other all-purpose space. Below is a diagram
showing how we (the clients and I) proceed to design a custom house like this one. In this case, the artist owner was an active, highly involved client (the very best kind).  The top-knotch builder was-
Ray Brandes of Pine Lake, Issaquah (see
another photograph and more about him below).
Here’s builder Ray Brandes on the roof. Famed Frank Lloyd Wright
had designed Ray and Helen’s nearby Pine Lake home before Ray
and I started working together. This lead to some 70 plus projects
(new and/or remodeling). Lori Ehrig in the Mercer Island Reporter:
“Jerry, an architect, has had a remarkable career.  He has designed over
40 houses on the island; was instrumental in starting the AIA Home of the
Month, and is listed as a referral on “The Not So Big House” website. He has
worked on over 65 projects with  well known builder, Ray Brandes, famous
for the Issaquah home he commissioned Frank Lloyd Wright to design”.